Regional gaps in brand awareness undermine brand perceptions

01/27/2022 in

“Of course people know us all over Germany*!” But do they really? Raffael Weber, primarily responsible for digital trade marketing and geo intelligence at Crossmedia, and Matthias Schneider, Group Leader and Data Researcher at Crossmedia RedBox, have discovered in a study that the recognition of many major brands is not quite that evenly distributed throughout the country. The two experts not only examined brand awareness, but also the media spend of numerous brands. In this interview, they provide in-depth insights into their work.

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Retail & Geo Intelligence Expert

Raffael Weber laid the foundation for his career in trade marketing in university when the passionate mountaineer and hobby adventurer completed his studies in geography and economics with a focus on trade research.

Weber joined Crossmedia in 2009 and used his expertise in geo marketing to drive the agency's development of an independent local and regional media planning approach, rising to the position of Unit Director in 2015. His endeavours culminated in the establishment of worknet partner Brandlocal in 2016, where he was initially responsible for geo intelligence product development as deputy managing director, before taking on overall responsibility in 2018 as managing director and partner. Now back at Crossmedia, he continues to develop digital commerce marketing at the independent media agency. When the dishonesty and fickleness in the advertising industry drives him up the wall, the father of three seeks peace and inspiration in the expansion of his outdoor kitchen and enjoys explaining over sausage and beer why Star Wars is much more than just pop culture.

For him, "think for yourself" means "not conforming, not swimming with the current, but being uncomfortable and questioning the obvious."