We Need to Level Up If We Want to Hit Sustainability Targets

03/11/2024 in

The advertising industry’s carbon footprint is twice as big as that of civil aviation. But bringing down emissions can’t be on one party alone if we want to make a change. In his guest article, Crossmedia London’s strategy manager Tilman Henschke discusses ways in which our industry can come together in efforts to become more sustainable and shares a roadmap on how clients can be engaged on various levels.

Read for Yourself

Tilman joined Crossmedia as an intern right after completing his bachelor’s degree in economics with a specialization in emerging markets in 2018. Simply trying something outside of his comfort zone has turned into over 5 years in the Crossmedia London office. Tilman has worked across all global accounts managed out of London, switching roles from account management to data analytics to finding his passion as a strategist taking on international pitches. During his time in London, alongside work, he completed a master’s in political science and is not shy to debate current affairs, especially during the London office’s monthly Open Forums, which he created. He has grown to love British pub culture, is an avid reader and enjoys travelling to new places.

For Tilman, "Think for yourself" means taking initiative, being open-minded and most importantly compassionate along the way.