Why the cookiecalypse is no topic for tomorrow

01/16/2023 in

When it comes to the future of cookie-based targeting, there is a frequent tendency to shift responsibility to and fro. Agencies, publishers and marketers are discussing numerous theories and like to speculate about “solutions that are not ready for the market yet” – however, very little has changed in concrete terms. This is a mistake, Svenja Erdmann, Head of Programmatic Development & Innovation at Crossmedia Germany, says. The reticence of all those involved is slowing down development rather than taking it major steps forward.

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Head of Programmatic Development & Innovation

Svenja Erdmann joined Crossmedia in 2019. She has been leading the Nucleus team in a job share since 2022, enthusiastically shaping Crossmedia's programmatic offering for data-driven and customer-centric marketing communications. Svenja is perfect for the job, because she could literally spend ages discussing the advantages of programmatic over direct buying. If there's one thing she could change in the Business, it's that everyone involved would finally stop clinging to cookies and instead try new ways and solutions. This is exactly what "thinking for yourself makes you smart" means to her: the freedom to question entrenched ways of thinking and structures and to be open to new approaches and solutions. In her leisure time, Svenja can often be found at events. It doesn't matter whether it's a concert, the theater or a vaudeville show – the huge energy that arises during such live performances is what fascinates her.