Programmatic Quality is more than fulfilled KPIs

07/12/2021 in

In nine out of ten cases, the evaluation of a programmatic campaign is based on a quantitative KPI. Quality in terms of data, inventories, technology, etc. often falls by the wayside and is not taken into account. However, according to Sven Metz, Director Programmatic Advertising at CROSSMEDIA in Düsseldorf, a meaningful campaign evaluation is only…

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Director Programmatic Advertising

Sven Metz joined CROSSMEDIA at the end of 2019 with the aim of evolving the agency’s programmatic product. Before his career in media with stints at MediaCom, Group M and Ogilvy, Sven worked as a tutor for disadvantaged children. His passions include modern history, which continues to fascinate him past his master's degree in the same field.

He loves dealing with complex problems and processes and hates putting quantity over quality.

What Sven likes about #XMVoice is that new topics and challenges are focused until “they have been thought through, understood and tackled.”