How Media Ended Up Being Seated At The Kids’ Table Of Communication Planning

08/02/2021 in

There have never been more tools in the media toolbox. Media’s potential value contribution to achieving strategic corporate goals has never been greater. And yet, many a media department and agency find themselves at the kids’ table of communications planning.

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Managing Director

The designated digital expert has successfully advanced the development of programmatic and data-based communication solutions of Crossmedia and thus played a key role in an important transformation of the media agency.

In the admirable tightrope act between outstanding eloquence and infectious humor, Sebastian finds surprising and targeted strategies for everything and everyone. Pleasantly unpretentious and pragmatic, he gets to the point quickly – even in an area that many people perceive as a black box. His conscientiousness and his trained eye for detail have been adding to Crossmedia since 2007.

For Sebastian #XMVoice represents essential core values of Crossmedia: "On the one hand, the freedom to do the right things, on the other hand, the obligation to take responsibility for one's own actions."

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