Markus Biermann und Kamran Asghar sitzen einander zugewandt auf zwei Sesseln.

Company culture, physical workspace and scaling with soul

08/03/2023 in

Crossmedia’s story has not one, but two beginnings. Founded in Germany in 1997 by Markus Biermann, the first US office was opened by Kamran Asghar and Martin Albrecht just three years later. Co-existing for over two decades, the two entities have always been rooted in the same values and principles, despite operating in two at times very different markets. In this interview, Kamran and Markus share their views on Crossmedia’s secret sauce, discuss returning to the office post-Covid and explain what it means to not lose your soul in the face of growth.

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Dear Advertisers, Let’s Reanimate Your Brands!

01/15/2020 in

When planning their brand communication, many companies focus on short-term KPIs, as they can be quickly optimized for success. However, an inconsistent strategy damages the brand – and more than half of the value of advertising is only created in the long term. Crossmedia’s head, Markus Biermann, is concerned about the future of brands.

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Founder and Managing Director

The true nonconformist founded CROSSMEDIA in 1997 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Right from the start he promoted a transparent working model and raised media-neutral customer consultation to a quality feature.

Markus is a man of conviction. He works differently, is always on the move and thinks quickly - in anything but classic, fixed patterns. As early as 2001, he implemented the far-reaching separation of planning and buying. While many considered the bold move a mistake at the time, they were quickly proven wrong. In his unconventional way of thinking., Markus knew exactly that success can be measured in more than gained profit and that independence and ethical principles can be a valuable USP from an entrepreneurial point of view. All this is underpinned by the annual CROSSMEDIA transparency report which was introduced in 2007.

If there's one thing Markus hates, it's standing still and not being able to turn the big wheels. Every now and then he takes a break to re-charge and spend time with his children and his wife at their holiday home in Holland or take a joyride on his motorcycle.