Generative AI Cannot Be Another Black Box

06/28/2023 in

Have we become so mesmerized by technology that we’re completely blind to the potential threats it poses, both to individuals as well as society at large? Jay Krihak, Executive Director Crossmedia New York, urgently calls for controls being put into place if we don’t want to fall victim to the dire consequences of unchecked AI.

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CES 2023 – XM Recap

01/09/2023 in

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of THE seismographs for technology trends and innovations. But after a pandemic-related hiatus, the event now faced serious societal issues such as war and inflation. Jay Krihak, Executive Director Crossmedia New York, has summarized in three short recaps how the current socio-political climate shaped this year’s CES and which technologies will be of particular importance to our industry.

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Google Should Sell Its Open Web Ad Business And Buy A CTV Platform

12/07/2022 in

Alphabet needs a change of course, believes Jay Krihak, Executive Director at Crossmedia New York. According to him, Google should turning away from its cookie-based open-market stacks and make a clear commitment towards OTT /CTV instead.

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06/30/2022 in

The gaming community is close-knit and follows its own rules. Advertisers are having a hard time getting a foot in the door – nothing must disrupt the flow of the game or interfere with gamers’ concentration. Jay Krihak, Executive Director Crossmedia New York, explains how brands can still reach the target group of gamers and streamers and points out pitfalls in the gaming environment.

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Brands Can Remedy the Broken Consumer Relationship With Social Media

12/13/2021 in

Are Facebook, YouTube and the like about to drive their users away? Jay Krihak, Executive Director New York, believes that the big players among the platforms need to clean up their act if they want to retain users and at the same time asks brands to take responsibility.

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Executive Director
New York

Jay Krihak is one of Crossmedia’s most vocal evangelists for maximizing the potential of data and technology on behalf of brand marketers in an increasingly digital marketplace. While at MEC, he advised the likes of AT&T, Dr. Pepper, Xerox, and Novartis on their digital transformation strategies. Informed by experiences at breakout media and technology players like Millennial Media and Pandora, Jay returned to the agency world to lead Crossmedia’s audience consulting and activation practice.

As a videogame devotee whose dedication can be traced as far back as Guitar Hero, Jay is a staunch proponent of more fun in advertising. He hopes #XMVoice will offer a platform for provocative, contrarian, joyous thinking.

As a lifelong New Jersey resident, we have no idea how Jay became a die-hard Seattle Seahawks & Milwaukee Brewers fan. At least he plays video games – that we can understand.