Reinventing Netflix

07/22/2022 in

Netflix’s announcement to offer ad-financed subscription models in the future has caused quite a stir. Yet, how much potential does the offer actually hold? And does this refer to a blatant disruption of the video market or will we, for now at least, hardly see any change for linear TV broadcasters? CROSSMEDIA strategist Florian Holub offers various perspectives for the German market.

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Make brands great again: What it takes to unlock your brand’s full potential

02/16/2022 in

The strong focus on short-term sales success has resulted in brands slipping into a dangerous imbalance – our Crossmedia Xccelerate strategy unit experts are convinced of this. To develop their full appeal, brands need time. And they also need brand managers who have the courage to be guided by more than just quick wins and quarterly figures. In this interview*, Florian Holub and Daniela Pohle tell us what the perfect balance between activation and branding looks like, and why brand has always been an integral part of Crossmedia’s media planning.

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Attention, please!

11/04/2021 in

There is a new trend in Ad Land that, at first glance, seems so self-evident and almost mundane that the modern marketeer spontaneously tends to sweep the topic right off the table. Florian Holub, Director Strategy & Analytics at CROSSMEDIA XCCELERATE, on how much attention consumers are really paying to advertising and on the demands…

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Director Strategy & Analytics

Florian Holub has been with the independent media agency since 2010 and is familiar with the multifacted nature of media planning from his various positions in different CROSSMEDIA teams. Known and respected for his strategic thinking, he is now Director Strategy & Analytics. With XCCELERATE, a unit which he helped to establish, he is driving the development of solutions, tools and offers that provide uncomplicated access to complex processes within the advertising industry. Besides his weakness for good books, travel and photography, Florian is professionally driven by topics such as incremental reach, target group segmentation and brand personality models. He has a deep desire for media to become a design discipline again: creative, at eye level, independent, results-oriented and fun.

For the studied media manager, #XMVoice stands for "questioning, challenging, reading between the lines and thinking beyond the necessary."