AI Revolution: It’s still day one

02/02/2023 in

These days, we are amazed at what artificial intelligence, specifically what ChatGPT is already able to do. However, according to Dirk Nögel, Director Digital Products & Innovations at CROSSMEDIA Germany, what we are seeing here is merely the dawning of a rapidly advancing development. He outlines where the journey is headed and what changes we can expect.

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Director Digital Products / Innovation

Dirk has been with Crossmedia since 2009. In his long career, the qualified social economist has dedicated himself to a wide variety of tasks: from classic consulting to the development of Crossmedia Verified for quality assurance in digital campaigns or the founding Crossmedia’s in-house programmatic practice, Dirk has always been a driver of innovation. It was only logical for him to take on the role of Director Digital Products & Innovations in 2016, which sees him developing new products and forward-looking solutions for the agency. When he's not talking about his current favorite topic, AI, Dirk's focus is clearly on his children – they way they discover the world with new eyes is absolutely fascinating to him.

For Dirk, thinking for yourself means constantly questioning yourself and simply putting things into practice. Even if you think you know how something works, you've never really understood it until you've done it yourself.