More to gain: What brands are missing out on in the world of e-sports

10/26/2022 in

With impressive viewership numbers second only to the Super Bowl, it’s about time brands and advertisers explored their options in the gaming industry, thinks Connor Mulvaney, Associate Director CROSSMEDIA Philadelphia.

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Associate Director

Connor joined Crossmedia’s Marketplace team in 2019 focusing largely on the agency’s programmatic practice. To him, media activation has always contained aspects of min-maxing found in the gaming world – knowing when and how to make incremental campaign changes to drive success. His passion for gaming intersects with many aspects of his work and personal life. He is on an on-going mission to dispel outdated stereotypes of a disconnected gamer-guy playing from his mother’s basement. On the contrary, he plays from his OWN basement and sees gaming as a way to enhance social relationships and community. Connor is excited to be at the forefront of the movement as the digital landscape evolves and marketers better understand the relatively untapped potential of media buying in gaming and esports. To him, #XMVoice is all about connection, inspiration and the exchange of fresh opinions.