Acceptance of queer diversity: How to debunk bogus arguments and false premises

09/06/2023 in

We still face numerous communication challenges related to gender and sexual diversity, Markus Hoppe says. As a diversity trainer and co-founder of the Hamburg-based WELCOMING OUT initiative, which works toward enabling people to feel confident in coming out, he is more than familiar with repetitive, damaging narratives that are faced by the queer community time and again. In his guest post, he calls on everyone, and especially on the communications industry, to take a very close look at the battleground disputes, such as gender language, and the contentious arguments used there.

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Markus Hoppe is part of the founding and managing duo of diversity initiative WELCOMING OUT, which made itself known in Hamburg in 2022. WELCOMING OUT wants to make it easier for queer people to come out without fear and is therefore primarily aimed at straight allies. The initiative works with a strong alliance of companies and organizations as well as public figures to spread the word about WELCOMING OUT and kick off a movement

Previously, Markus worked for over ten years in community work in Hamburg, including queer youth and awareness work, adult education, and volunteer board work. Since 2016, he has also worked as a diversity trainer with a focus on gender and sexual diversity.