Brands Need a Value-Based Compass

01/12/2021 in

Crises reorganize peoples’ priorities regarding their needs. This, in turn, has a direct impact on our (media) consumption and it raises questions: In the wake of the Corona crisis, what is the effect of increased media use on the advertising market? Why is data currently virtually useless in the absence of agility and short decision-making paths?

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Director Strategy & Analytics

During his business studies, Marius worked at a bank where he quickly realized that he needed a change. Crossmedia matches his talent for numbers with his passion for communication and media. Having worked at Crossmedia’s media planning, strategic consulting and marketing analytics departments, Marius is now Director Strategy & Analytics at XCCELERATE, Crossmedia’s agile strategy unit. Here, he brings everything he learned in his almost ten-year media career to the table and promotes future-relevant topics for the benefit of the wider Crossmedia worknet.

As a modern trendesetter, Marius would like to shine a light on "learning by doing" with the help of #XMVoice.