On ChatGPT: This Blog Post Was Not Written by an AI

02/02/2023 in

ChatGPT has been capturing everyone’s attention on both sides of the pond, and the Crossmedia offices have been no exception. Here, Matt Asman, Director Analytics Operations at Crossmedia New York, shares his thoughts where we’ll see ChatGPT pop up in the immediate future and how marketers can use the tool to their advantage.

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Director Analytics Operations
New York

Matt joined Crossmedia’s Redbox analytics practice in 2019. He was a sociology major in college and still has what C. Wright Mills would call the “sociological imagination” – that is, the curiosity to question how larger societal structures and systems influence the ways that individuals think and act. He could talk for hours about emerging tech, attribution methodology, politics and culture as is insanely passionate about live music.

For Matt, thinking for yourself means approaching industry trends and emerging platforms with a healthy mix of curiosity, critical thinking and skepticism rather than blinding buying into the hype.